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 02  IA-CS Replace by glossary items

Project IA-CS

Document: 120 segments

Glossary: 91 000 of items

DGT-OmegaT is

Searching... and Searching...

Glossary: 91 000 of items

Document: 4042 segments

Searching... and Searching...

in OmegaT

has same document

3635 segments>


I shall create a smaller glossary

only from words they are in source document,

I name it bakonyi_ia_cs_glo.txt

in source are only one word expression

Now are glossary items visible

Tokenisation: universal

  • sal
  • un
  • uni
  • univ
  • univer
  • universa
  • universal
  • ver
  • versa
  • This is not a required outcome.

    and works very slowly: 12 segments per 69 seconds  

    Instead of words from glossary

    there is a mishmash


    Set-up   Should I change some possibility?

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