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      Diktování do MS Wordu s WFCGS
 04  Diktování značek ve francouzštině

  I attach the latest DOT version.

Shift+F9 opens a setup.

You can set up replacements (I replace double comma with semicolon, and double dot with colon, and non-final exclamation! with parenthesis, and non-final? with quotes, but you can change that as needed).

Paired punctuation like quotes, or () {} [] are handled intelligently (opened, then closed).

Elements are space-separated:

,,=; ..=: !=() ?=""

So if you dictate...

The red fox! running like a? rabbit?! was too fast,, so the wolf said.. stop!

...that will turn into

The red fox (running like a "rabbit") was too fast; so the wolf said: stop!

You can do more simple of course, like replace some easily recognized term for"semicolon" (either "semicolon" itself, or some other rare word, or a given number like "101") into the actual semicolon *;*

Well, the setup opens up a lot of possibilities. It could be used even to start/stop bolded, italicized, underlined effects also.


Yves Champollion

Interpunkce a znaménka   Při českém diktování zatím GS napíše vyslovenou značku jako slovo. Čárka = čárka (comma), tečka = tečka (dot).

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