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Diktování do MS Wordu s WFCGS
 03  Nastavení spojení a transformací

Stisknu Shift+F9


.../intl/fr/chrome/...   In French, GS recognizes "virgule" (comma), "point" (dot), "point d'interrogation (?) and point d'exclamation (!) - and that's it AFAIK.

I tried many other critters, to no avail.

I believe that much more is coming ,

scroll down to the full list.

Google owns Android. But how long will that take.

So we have, and. and? and !. Good news is, if you dictate two commas... GS does produce two commas. Excellent.

I created a macro that transforms two commas into a semicolon, and two dots into a colon (neat! 'cuz in FR, the colon is said "deux points". Hooray). Intuitive enough.

I'll need to code like?? -> parenthesis (the macro will open and close them intelligently, so no need for "open" and "close") and!! -> dash. GS does not take the dash over here so I'd need to find a neat way to get that one...


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