01  Scrambled Polish characters from GT (WF Classic)

a sample EN to PL

[quote]Dominique Pivard wrote:

I assume you translate from EN into PL. Can you provide a sample EN segment in which this problem occurs?

Is your problem only with Google Translate, or also with other MT providers.
As you can see, I also used Microsoft Translator and Worldlingo, neither of which seemed to have problems. [/quote]

This is from GT

But why should you sell more to your customer than he or she is asking for?

Ale dlaczego nale??y sprzedać więcej do klienta ni?? on lub ona prosi?

MyMemory - looks ok

Ale dlaczego należy sprzedać więcej do klienta niż on lub ona prosi?

WorldLingo (always has been like this)

Ale dlaczego warto sprzedawać więcej do twojego klienta ni?? on prosi?

I can't provide you any ouput from Microsoft as I don't have a key for their service.

Normally I use only GT.

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