01  Import terminology in XLS into MetaTexis

Good morning everybody

I have a glossary in form a excel table. In the first line it says "English" (meaning English USA) and "German" (meaning German for Germany).
The other lines contain the glossary as such.
How can I convert this excel document to a glossary readable by Metatexis?
Thanks a lot

Hi everybody,

I have prepared over the years a list of technical terms using an excell sheet.
In it you have simply in a cell a term in japanese and in the following term its english translation.

Is there any possibility to link this list to the software and use it automatically?

In case the answer is no, can I manually upload this terms? What should I do?
Open one empty file and go to terminology data base/add new terminology pair to TDB?

Thanks in advance for your help.
  Hermann Bruns:

to import an Excel file into MetaTexis you first need to export the Excel file as text file (e.g. semicolon delimeted, or tab delimited). To do this, open the Excel file in Excel and click the Save-As command. Then select an appropriate text file format.


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