Import MS-Word document into MetaTexis
 01  Document, Translation Memory and Terminology

Step 1 - document :
  • A) document before translation in source language,
  • B) [MetaTexis] document during translation,
  • C) translated bi-lingual [MetaTexis] document
  • D) translated bi-lingual [TRADOS] document
  • E) translated document with target language
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Step 2 define (select) languages

Step 3 Translation memory

Step 4 Terminology (glossary)

05 Step 2

05 Step 3, Import

05 Step 4  Wordfast Import

Step 5 Translator info

Step 6 choice action: no action /+set-up of Metatexis/, Go to document option, Start translation step-by-step

What are the resources for translation?

  • Machine Translation and
  • Translation Memory and
  • Terminology.

You can create TM or Glo from your Documents (step 1: list).
    The standard recommendation:
  • more then 5 words in phrase + EOS = End Of segment (. ! ?) = Translation Memory
  • Shorter phrase 1-5 words = glossary
---- Creating from C) translated bi-lingual document = you can find an item in MetaTexis:
MetaTexis / Translation Memory / TM extract from pretranslation
Creating from A) source language document before translation + E) translated document with target language
MetaTexis / Alignment / Alignment project
There are two methods of the alignments:
Aligning Texts in the Dialog Box Mode
Aligning Texts in the Document Integration Mode

See the manual and try it.
Glossary: you can create or copy from different files, best are
C) translated bi-lingual document,
D) translated bi-lingual TRADOS document, Kudoz, from colleagues, from web-sites.
You can use tables, XLS or other format with TAB delimiters or CSV (comma separated value).

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