Import MS-Word document into MetaTexis
 00  Contents

01 Document, Translation Memory and Terminology
02 Open DOC and translating with Wordfast (and with Google)
03 Translating with Wordfast (and with Google)
04 Creating Translation memory from two files in PlusTools
05 Document and empty TM and Glossary in MetaTexis
06 Import Wordfast TM into MetaTexis database
07 Pre-translate whole document in MetaTexis
08 Translating segment-by-segment
09 Make final document (and Trados document)
10 Create Trados document
11 Terminology in Wordfast
12 Import terminology into MetaTexis (EN-FR)
13 Import terminology into MetaTexis (AR-CS)
14 Files and their size, alignment in MetaTexis
15 Another tools

Copyright Milan Condak 19.02.2007