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 02  Looking for freeware TBX editor

Jeff Allen

Oct 11, 2004

If the language tool vendors (Terminology tools, MT tools, etc) show how their tools categorize the entries, then they risk showing the secret of how they do things.

This is much more risky than the TMX initiative from a business point of view for software development and distribution.

Sergei Leshchinsky

Jul 27, 2009



It supports TBX...

Můj komentář: TBX je možno exportovat do TMX; TMX je možno exportovat do TXT

Christo Petkov

Apr 5, 2010



Virtaal (without OmegaT) can edit both TBX and TMX and runs under Windows Linux and MAC OS.

Můj komentář: Ve Virtaalu je možno editovat pouze pole cílového jazyka.

Samuel Murray

Apr 5, 2010



Virtaal can edit the existing entries in existing TBX files, but you can't create new TBX files or add new entries or delete entries from TBX files with it.


Apr 10, 2010



Then try Lokalize. It runs on Linux and Windows. With it you can add/modify/delete concepts, set a subject field for a concept, set definitions, and translations. It is a really basic editor for TBX, but maybe it is useful for you. And you can import existing TBX files.

Můj komentář: žádný odkaz není k dispozici.


Apr 11, 2010



Of course TBX has more advanced features than a txt, otherwise it would be completely pointless...

But I'd propose that it's nowhere near widespread enough (yet) to be considered a standard everyone can easily use.

In other words, only use it if you know that the software the other party uses is TBX-compatible.


Sep 24, 2010



I was looking for a TBX editor in order to open/read the MicrosoftTermCollection.tbx

(available from the Microsoft terminology portal @

and found this forum.


Oct 15, 2010



It does run entirely in RAM but that doesn't necessarily stop you from using it with large amounts of data.

It's still the best tool I have for large TMs, so I have an Xbench project set up with about 2,5 million TUs in 10 or so files.

They are all tab delimited as that's the most efficient format.

They take 5+ minutes to load and take up about 900MB of RAM, but it works reasonably well.

Xbench should work with the MS TBX files, but you will lose the definitions, which is a pretty big drawback if you ask me.

Michael Beijer

Mar 2, 2018



Nor can I open any of the example files in the zip folder.

No wonder no one uses TBXs.

I asked Logrus to help me get Goldpan to support Memsource's TBX flavour, and will report back if I hear back from them!


Developer	LISA
2.0 (1 Vote)
Category	Data Files
Format	XML
.TBX File Association 2
Programs that open TBX files
memoQ translator pro
Wordfast Pro
Wordfast Pro Linux	
Wordfast Pro
Updated 7/19/2018

A TBX file is a data file saved in the open source TermBase eXchange (TBX) format, which is used to represent and exchange terminology (the study of terms and their use) information. It contains terminology data, which includes terms, words and dialects, in XML format. TBX files are used to make terminology databases easier to distribute and maintain.

More Information

TBX files are primarily used for archiving information in a termbase (database containing terminology information) or exchanging information between systems. TBX files can be imported by a variety of computer-assisted translation tools, such as memoQ translator pro, Wordfast Pro, and JiveFusion.

NOTE: TBX is an international standard and was developed by the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) and published in 2008.


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