s.r.o. Home Lecture on September 25, 2019 List of reference presentations


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DatePresentationthe number of pagesBitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
25.09.2019CAT and interlingva 0Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
18.04.2019Pre-translate with DGT-OmegaT 5Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
13.04.2019Replace glossary entries 2 2Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
07.04.2019Replace glossary entries 5Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
31.03.2019Tags diminishing MT results 1Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
15.03.2019The treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe 13Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
13.03.2019Some miracle SW 5Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
04.03.2019Spell checking in OmegaT 5Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
01.03.2019Spelling check for Interlingvu 5Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
28.02.2019A dozen short stories 6Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
07.02.2019Interlingua represents itself 9Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
29.01.2019Interlingva and PC Translator 5Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
18.01.2019Wordfast Anywhere and Interlingva 7Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
27.10.2018Inserting the translation of the TMX in OmegaT 6Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
25.10.2018PlusTools +Align 5Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
28.09.2018Global Goldpan Editor 3.1 7Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
06.05.2013MetaTexis pro Word 8Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
09.07.2012Anaphraseus and MT 3Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
08.07.2012Anaphraseus and LibreOffice 6Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
12.06.2012Anaphraseus and MT 5Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
13.01.2008The Large Hungarian-Czech translation memory 5Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
13.01.2008The adding of the terminology into Hungarian dictionary 5Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
13.01.2008PC Translator 2007 5Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
14.01.2008Acqui communaire in the local server Wordfastu 1Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
14.01.2008Wordfast and MT Hungarian-Czech 5Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
25.10.2006Translation by PC Translator in MS Word 4Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed
20.10.2006PC Translator works with Wordfast Classic 7Bitext IA-ENIAIA-MTedENCSEN-MTed s.r.o. Home Lecture on September 25, 2019 List of reference presentations