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   Quarantine diary and eTranslation
01 Kovid quarantine log

Quarantine Traditionally, the quarantine lasted 40 days and the name for this period was created.éna

(The word quarantine originates etymologically from the Italian word quaranta (forty); Indication of the period of 40 days after which the sick were isolated on ships without being able to return to shore. It originally lasted thirty days (Trentino), but then it was extended to forty (quarantino). ...

The French term quarantaine retains its original meaning (about forty, about forty). The same applies to the Italian quarantena/quarantine. In many languages, the pronunciation is similar to that in Czech, only with variations in spelling; Theorigin of the word in non-Romani languages is notevident at first sight, as in Czech.

40 pages


From 15.3.2020 to 31.10.2020, 223 days passed (223:40=5,575 quarantine) and 40 pages were published at forum. I consider this to be a reason to recapitulate and use the machine translation of the etranslation service.

Corona Quarantine diary

Thread poster: Mervyn Henderson


2 to 3 pages

I assumed the discussion would have a range of 2-3 pages. I translated the text files using Google Translate and you created from every page TMX. The discussion contains a terminology that I normally don't translate.

When I had 40 text files, I extracted the text into one DOCX file.

The DOCX file


791 pages

and contains:

288,152 words



etranslation  from the DOCX file I will have TMX created: EN-CS, EN-PL and EN-SK.

The Omegat 
  • EN-EN: automatic translation of 40 TMX and 1 large TMX from etranslation

  • EN-PL, EN-SK: in the open segment I will display translation to PL and SK

  • Another 25 languages the English file can be translated into 25 other languages by etranslation.

    All you have to do is create EUlogin.

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