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Local MT vs. web MT   My topic was "Local MT vs. web MT". Hans Lenting changed it to "Slate vs public NMT". If you use web MT service eTranslation you can choose:

SMT (Moses or MT@EC) only ONE for all topics or choose from NMT for specialized (formal languge EU, different institution data) engines.

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  • Legacy MT@EC
  • Deutsche Bundesbank

  • SMT:


    TMX in email from eTranslation

    EU Formal Language

    A link to forum

     Hans Lenting wrote: 
     Slate vs public NMT	Jun 27
     Milan Condak wrote:
     I am Slate Desktop user.
     Hello Slate!
    (My name is Milan)
     Slate is nice for companies and institutions that translate in the same subject field over and over.

    My comment:   I have (more than) 20 engines for different domains.

    I have 22 engines in one notebook with Slate Connect  

    Each engine imported into OmegaT has two folder: Recaser and SMT

    Select an engine in OmegaT

    I select EN-CS Europarl 2011

    Language pair   I have TMX from Bible and I can make engine from it and wait for client with this domains.

    One my Interlingua-Czech engine contain 10 Bible'Books and by translating a novel there was a person who oft cite a bible, there was useful to choose this engine.

    None of big MT-players supports MT for Interlingua.

      To translate in the same subject field over and over = rule for TM. TM is updating. By using SMT´engine it is not changing. An user will make new engine for new topic or new TMX. If s/he want.


    Source TMX from DGT

    Ready CS-BG engine in Slate Desktop  

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