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      Machine translation of memoirs
 01  Machine translation of TXT and PDF  


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    ...when I translate a new file with a segment that I have already translated in OmegaT, it seems that OmegaT doesn't suggest that translation (or a similar one) from its own tmx file.

    Do I have to merge project_save with my own tmx or copy it to my tmx folder and rename it?

    You have to put the desired legacy tmx into the TM folder in your current job.

    Does this mean that I will have hundreds of tm files after a few years with the client that sends me about ten new source files every second week?

    The number of files doesn't matter to OmegaT -- it reads them all as if they are one "translation memory".

    However, if you prefer to have fewer TM files, then you must merge them.

    There is a task   translate into Czech

  • a book published in a year 1947 as English translation of German original, TXT file downloaded from

  • a hardcopy published in a year 1949 in original German language

  • English TXT   was OCRed by; I have no correct text for comparing and post-edit TXT before translation.

    I can use one TMX merged from more TMXs.

    Page 33  

    German hardcopy   I had scanned each page with text into PDF containg a picture, I had OCRed PDFs into DOCXs and saved as TXT file;
    I merged TXTs into one semi-automatic edited TXT, which I pasted into DOCX;
    I can post-edit errors from OCR in the DOCX, but I have to know a number of the page.

    I use therefore one TMX for one page.

    Page 30

    The names which are in English Index

    Otto Erich Hartleben

    are in other font are bad recognized by OCR.

    Page 17

    TXT pasted into translated DOCX


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