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   Tags diminishing machine translation results

OmegaT has not WYSIWG Editor

User decide to have the tags (or not)  
So I was wondering why the tags get sent out to the machine translation services in the first place? 

Is it so that all the formatting doesn’t need to be put back in manually afterwards? 

Wouldn’t it be almost as easy to strip the strings of the tags before sending the query to the MT service?

Considering that OmegaT already needs to recognise tags as such (to treat them differently in the editor pane), 
wouldn't it be possible to make sending them to the MT service optional?

DOCX file in OmegaT  

Project property

Odstranit tagy


Odstranit tagy

Remove tags (I quess)

Changes after reload  

Source text is prepared

for better work with


Formatting   After this pretranslation you need to switch tags back and add them to translated texts. s.r.o. OmegaT Články / Articles

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