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Import TMX into Wordfast Pro 3
 03  Import TMX into WFP3

I skip creating of new project   I tested one problem. I add TM (I import TMX) into wrong project.

Browse TMX and symbolic WFP3 name of TM WFP offers:

Source-target: Czech - Russian


In menu, in Translation Memory is an item New/Select TM. I toggled source and target languages.

Russian - Czech


In TM List: Create TM, Add TM, Edit TM, Remove TM, Export TM.

TMX import finished  

Project is in EN-US to CS-CZ

TM is RU to CS

WFP warning me the language pair of the project do not match to language pair of imported TM

New files created by WFP3 have red colour.

TM: txt file; Index: jtx, lock.


View a content of TM in NotePad

Wordfast TXT translation memory


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