Import terminology in XLS into MetaTexis
 06  Step 2: To assign a value (Help)

1. In the left part of the dialog box click on the field you want to assign a value to.

2. Click on the Value tab in the right part of the dialog box

3. Define a value in the text box (or drop-down box) displayed. The type and the content of this box vary according to the type of the MetaTexis field selected. For example, if you have selected a language field, a drop-down-box with all the languages is shown.

4. Click on the << button, in the middle of the dialog box. In the right column of the list of MetaTexis fields the text "Value" will be displayed to indicate that a value has been assigned to this MetaTexis field.

To start importing the file, click on the Start importing button. A message box will be shown informing you about the progress of the importing process. At the beginning when the database is empty the importing process will be very fast; and it will get slower and slower as the importing proceeds. Importing very big databases (more than 10,000 datasets) can take up to one hour or more (depending upon computer speed). The reason for the decrease of the importing speed is that MetaTexis searches the whole database to check for identical source segments and translations. Moreover, an internal index is produced right at importing time to allow the user to use the database immediately after the import process has been finished.

You can stop the importing process at any time by pressing Esc on the keyboard.


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