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 00  Contents

A. Introduction
   What is MetaTexis?
   Features (overview)
B. Why would you use MetaTexis??
C. MetaTexis and Machine Translation
D. MetaTexis Server, setup server connection
E. Quality Control
   Go to Functions
   Watch List
   Formal Quality Checking
F. Localization
   Managing Language Files
   Edit Language Files

   Im am Wordfast and MetaTexis Trainer. The first aspect is quality of translation, second one is posibility of using shared translation memory by team of translators via Internet. The third aspect is using of machine translation for doing job more efficiently. Some translators have no proficienty of English, they invite using of localized software.

MetaTexis    Wordfast

Versions: MetaTexis has only "public" versions, 3 versions differs in scope of features (3 different prices), specific versions for MS Word 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 for MS Windows. Prices are same for all countries. Free licences for universities.    Versions: Wordfast has "public" and "beta" versions for beta-testers; only one, the same version for MS Word 97 and higher and all operating system. Prices are different for two groups of countries. Trained buyer receive a discount for buying licence. First licence is valid for 36 months, upgrade costs 50% of oneīs original price. Free licences for universities.
Philosophy: Program (.exe and .dll), template (.dot) for communication with MS Word. All in one. Translating in MS Word document, one source segment and choice of more target segments.    Philosophy: Three basic templates (.dot). Programs (.exe and .dll) for special features (server, editor) can be added. Translating in MS Word document, one source segment and one target segment (with best match).
Installation:Installed in a few seconds by using install program.    Installation:No installation, only copying .DOT to the right place. Sometimes is a need some preparation in OS and MS Word.
Launching:Opened toolbar in MS Word.    Launching:Faster apearing of one "f" icone. Opening toolbar after clicking "f" icone.
The translation memories and terminology databases: In standard database files.    The translation memories and terminology databases: Text file .TXT.
Statistical features:information about the documents and the translators, cost calculation/time worked (time tracking)    Statistical features:information about the documents
Machine translation:Desktop for Windows, MS Word or via Internet.    Machine translation::Desktop for MS Word or via Internet.
Sharing TDB / glossaries via Internet: Yes    Sharing TDB / glossaries via Internet: No, only local glossaries
Sharing TM via Internet: FreePort (Trados + MetaTexis); MetaTexis Server since December 2006    Sharing TM via Internet: VLTM for Wordfast; since October 2005; there some public TM for 20 languages to/from English; privat TM for teams (groups)
Sharing of local TM: Trados, MetaTexis, MetaTexis Server    Sharing of local TM: TM, VLTM for Wordfast
Language of the interface:

(Arabic is my empty file)
   Language of interface: EN
Localization:The new languages can be added.    Localization: No
Support: very good    Support: very good, more users, more userīs groups

MetaTexis    Wordfast

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